Services for pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists

Once you graduate, the BPSA will continue to help and support you through your pre-registration training. You can still take advantage of all the services and events you received as an undergraduate, but in addition you will have access to events and services specially dedicated to pre-registration trainees.

A dedicated Executive Officer

The Graduate Officer is responsible for representing the views of pre-registration trainee pharmacists to external pharmacy organisations. They are there to also answer any questions trainees may have regarding the pre-registration year, and to provide a support network should any issues arise.

The BPSA Graduate Officer, Emma Bolton, is available to help with any problems you may experience during the year. Contact her by clicking here.

Graduate Conferences

We hold two special BPSA pre-registration conferences sponsored by the PDA throughout the year. The conferences offer pre-registration trainees the chance to get information about the exam, careers, working abroad and other issues affecting them. The purpose of this conference is to help you acquire skills and techniques for gathering evidence and getting the most out of people you work and interact with to increase your chances of success. There are also experienced people on hand to help you with any concerns you may have.

Exclusive pre-registration trainee magazine

The Graduate Link magazine is a free publication dedicated to pre-registration trainees produced three times a year by the Graduate Officer. It concentrates on issues affecting pre-registration trainees, from settling into the year, to helpful advice for the registration exam.

To view previous issues of the Graduate Link, please visit the publications section of our website.

Discount Associate membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Becoming an Associate member includes access to support and networking services, the Pharmaceutical Journal and the letters ARPharmS after your name. Membership of the Society can support you through your training, ensuring you have all the tools you need to make your year go as smoothly as possible.

If you’re an existing Student member and have just graduated you can ‘upgrade’ to Associate membership by calling the membership team on 0845 257 2570. If you’re not an existing member, you can apply online to become an Associate member at

Here are some of the other benefits of Associate membership:

  • FREE copy of MEP - worth £49.99 - MEP is the ‘must-have’ guide for pharmacists and contains information on many of the areas you need to cover as part of the performance outcomes in Unit C Medicines and Health section of the pre-registration manual.
  • 30 days free access to TP ONtrack Another great way to revise for your registration exam, this online revision site has over 1,000 registration exam-style MCQs.
  • Minimum 25% discount on all publishing titles Pharmaceutical Press produce a range of titles that can enhance your knowledge and support your learning through your pre-registration year. They also produce revision titles such as Registration Exam Questions I and II, to help you with your exam
  • Subscription to the Pharmaceutical Journal – worth £195 - As part of your Associate membership you’ll receive your regular copy of the PJ, to ensure you keep up to date with all that is happening in the profession.
  • Practice guidance and support tools The support team provide up to the minute guidance, keeping you abreast of any changes in pharmacy practice. Our online tools and quick reference guides will be invaluable to supporting you through the Medicines and Health section of your trainee workbook.
  • Local practice forums and online groups We have a dedicated group for pre-registration trainees so you can find out how others are getting on with their pre-registration year, share experiences and develop your own support network. You can also get involved locally, building up your network of pharmacists.

How much does membership cost? The cost of Associate membership for your pre-registration year is £70. You can spread the cost by paying monthly from as little as £5.83 a month. This gives you membership of the Society for the life of your pre-registration year.

How to join? Join today at or call their membership team on 0845 257 2570 and start reaping the benefits of Associate membership. Once you’ve joined you’ll receive your membership card and certificate as well as your copy of MEP.

Free membership of the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA)

With over 19,000 members, the PDA is the only defence association in pharmacy that exclusively looks after the interests of the individual pharmacist undergraduate, pre-registration graduate and registered pharmacist, as opposed to other organisations that may also represent the owners of pharmacies or employers.

When things go wrong or you require independent advice, you need someone to turn to, and the PDA has been, more often than not, your colleagues’ first port of call. Because of the uniqueness of the pre-registration graduates’ vulnerability, the PDA, as a major sponsor, came to an arrangement with BPSA to offer all graduates free automatic membership of the PDA and the PDA Union, which includes Professional Indemnity and Legal Defence Costs insurance and access to lawyers and experienced pharmacist advisors. To find out more please click here or contact 0121 694 7000.

Free electronic membership of the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association

As a pre-registration member of the BPSA you are eligible for FREE electronic membership to UKCPA, (i.e. you will receive no postal mailings from UKCPA and instead must refer to the UKCPA website for notices and announcements). Once you have been registered make sure to sign up to the general discussion forum board to keep up to date with the latest UKCPA news and events.

Included as part of the UKCPA membership is access to the exclusive area of the UKCPA website ( which hosts discussion forums, where you can post questions and queries as well as read discussions posted by others. It is also possible to contact other UKCPA members via the UKCPA website and gain access to their resources, policies, and presentations.

Please note free electronic membership is only available using the application form on the BPSA website (only paid membership options are available when registering for membership using the UKCPA website).

Click here to download the UKCPA membership form for BPSA members

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) can support your journey through your pre-registration year and pharmacy practice.

As a pre-registration trainee you have access to many of their programmes to complement your workplace training that can be downloaded or accessed via their website. They include:

  • Open learning programmes that can be downloaded (order up to two from the portfolio)
  • All of the focal point and learning@lunch topics
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