Phenomenal year for the Eastern Area


This year has been phenomenal for the Eastern Area. We organised two very popular conferences one at Kingston University London and the other at UCL School of Pharmacy. We have received positive feedback from both the students and the speakers.

The first conference was held at Kingston University in November last year. The topic was: Future Healthcare Professional – Your development. We sold 200 tickets in matter of days to students from 9 different Schools of Pharmacy. The purpose of the conference was to develop students’ skills and competencies required to be a successful pharmacist via a range of interactive talks and workshops. We covered a range of topics: professional development, essential skills & pharmacy in the future, critical thinking, team building, management & leadership and inter-professional working. The conference was based on parallel sessions so the delegates could choose their topic of interest. We finished with the BNF quiz where teams of five had to complete the questions quickly and efficiently.

The second conference was held at UCL School of Pharmacy in March this year. This time we chose a specialist topic: Cardiology. The conference was sold out in a record time of less than 30 hours. Due to high demand we decided to release additional 50 tickets, which were sold in merely 4 hours. We covered management of acute coronary syndromes, advances in anticoagulation, role of the consultant pharmacist and pharmacist prescribing in heart failure, cardiac research (why drugs that work in theory do not work with patients) and the role of a clinical pharmacist in cardiology unit. We hosted speakers from a range of different areas in cardiology. Furthermore, we managed to secure two Consultant Pharmacists for Cardiology who presented their topic in a very unique way. Again, we ran parallel sessions as it was proven to be popular in the first area conference. We finished with a cardiology BNF quiz, which gave students a chance to practice what they have learned throughout the conference.

It was an eventful year in the Eastern Area and we are sure that we will keep our calendar busy in the next years to provide our members an opportunity to go beyond their degree.

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