Success in the Western Area


The BPSA area conferences have had the most successful year in the history of BPSA, with all area conferences selling out!

In the western area this year, Cardiff and Portsmouth hosted the area conferences.  As well as students from the schools in the western area attending, pharmacy students travelled from all over the UK to attend these conferences.  Many found it a great chance to learn more about pharmacy and gain knowledge in a specialised area, as well as mixing with pharmacy students from other universities.

The first area conference took place in Cardiff back in October, on the topic of nutrition and weight management.  175 tickets sold for the 1st area conference which covered: parenteral nutrition, weight management, obesity and coeliac disease.  Despite the conference room having a lack of air conditioning, everyone enjoyed the talks and found the day beneficial.  

The second area conference held in Portsmouth looked at the topic of oncology.  Students were informed of the role of the oncology pharmacist, how pharmacists can be involved with palliative care and an interactive CPPE workshop highlighted common warning signs of a variety of cancers.  A BNF quiz tested students’ knowledge of chemotherapy drugs as well as the common side effects of chemotherapy treatment.  The day finished with Prostate Cancer UK and CoppaFeel coming in to inform students about the charities, to raise awareness of the cancers as well as common signs and symptoms associated with the cancers.  The day was enjoyed by all 120 students.

After a successful year in the western area, I look forward to seeing what conferences the western area brings next year!

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