BPSA Praised for continued support of pre-registration trainees


On Thursday 7th March, the GPhC held their annual pre-registration Training Managers’ meeting, where the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA) were praised several times for their contribution and feedback regarding the pre-registration training year.

Following feedback from BPSA the GPhC has issued supplementary FAQs about the 2013 Registration Assessment. In addition to this, the BPSA has provided feedback on the application forms to enter pre-registration training, issued guidance on accepting and rejecting pre-registration offers, and are currently in the process of writing guidance on entering the pre-registration training year for 4th year MPharm students.


The BPSA continues to represent the views of its pre-registration members to external pharmacy organisations and has a dedicated Graduate Officer to support trainees throughout the year. The BPSA Graduate Officer Lauren Rose, a pre-registration trainee at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust comments that “it is an exciting time for pharmacy education, training and development, and it is fantastic to hear that the continued hard work of the BPSA is being recognised across the profession.”

The BPSA produces a magazine specifically written for pre-registration trainees and have four upcoming conferences sponsored by the Pharmacists’ Defence Association designed to help trainees prepare for the registration assessment and life as a registered pharmacist. To find out more information visit the publications section of the BPSA website.

BPSA President Vikesh Kakad said "We are really pleased that the GPhC actively welcomes views and ideas from the BPSA. We look forward to working more closely with the regulator and ensuring that active communication is maintained with pre-reg trainees and vice versa”. 

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